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In response to: Evacuated

John [Member] ·
I'm so sorry Randal. I should have posted that they were moving him today. I had planned to post tonight that he had been moved. What are the chances that you would visit on the day he moved. I am sorry that you drove all the way there and he wasn't.
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In response to: Evacuated

Randal Brooks [Visitor]
They moved Jack today to Golden Living in Springfield about 30 mins North of Nashville. I called the Palace in Red Boiling Springs at 9:15 this morning and they said he was still there. So I went to visit him in Red Boiling Springs. By the time I had got there alone with Patrick they had moved him. So I then drove back to Springfield and visited with him. He seems to like it better there. He was walking around good. We talked about the horse shows. I (with help) will continue to do what I can with these shows. Kevin, if you need me to do anything let me know.
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In response to: Just a brief update

Barbara [Visitor]
Thanks for the update. I have not been to visit as I had back surgery 4 weeks ago and now up and about myself. I talked to Patrick this last week and plan to help with shows that i can to keep Jack's name out there with the group.

Let us know if there is anything that needs attention at his house or anything we can do to help.
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In response to: Update on Jack

Tim Mitchell [Visitor]
Get well soon Jack. Let us know if we can help or if you need anything.
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In response to: Dad's moving

Barbara [Visitor]
Visited with Jack today- he was a little down. We all need to call him often so he knows we are here and he is only there for a short period of time. All of you that can please go see him, visits are important to him, speach is still a challange for him and us to understand but he is ok with asking him to repeat. Keep strong and you will be out soon!
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In response to: Updates

June Gilmer-Hayes [Visitor]
Yes, I am VERY proud of you for being a loving, faithful husband, father and son (to your dad and me). You take all of your responsibilities seriously and have done more to care for Jack than folks know.
So thankful that Roger has been able to take the responsibility of being a laison for you and your dad. Jack has some great friends near Nashville and I know he loves and appreciates each of them.
As always, I continue to pray that Jack has a full and speedy recovery - but speedy to the medical community is not the same as speedy to him. I can't remember a single patient Gilmer in the family, but he will definitely need it now while he heals and recuperates. (You're improving :~D)
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In response to: Updates

Pat [Visitor]
Congratulations! The Girls are ALL beautiful. I can see that Sarah is going to be a wonderful big sister. It is always wonderful to have a new baby in the house. I know you are all excited. You have done a wonderful job with posting and keeping us updated while traveling back and forth and taking care of your family and working. Thank you so much.
I haven't been to see him as much as I would like since I'm an hour away now and have been working out of town so much. I waited about taking a CD player since he was sleeping alot. I'll get one to him with some CD's now unless there is something he needs more. When my Dad went to skilled care he used sweat suits since they were more comfortable and eadier to get in and out of. Let us know in the next posting what he needs.
Thanks again.
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In response to: Updates

John [Member] ·
Thanks Leah.
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In response to: Updates

Leah [Visitor]
Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl. I send my love and prayers to all four of you. Kevin you are a special young man. I know you Mom is very proud of you.
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In response to: We have a girl!

John [Member] ·
Seriously Katrina! You post that crap the day after my daughter is born while we are still in the hospital. It's like 3 or 4 miles from your house to the hospital, most of which is on one main road. Have you been to see him? Did you read Patrick's comment that he has his cell phone now? Tried to call him? Get off your butt and go see him if you need more frequent updates on his condition.
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In response to: We have a girl!

June Gilmer-Hayes [Visitor]
Jack can have visitors and phone calls, Katrina. You could visit him and see for yourself how he is doing. I believe he's almost ready to transfer to the rehab center. Lots of long hard days of work ahead for him to regain full function and strength. His faithful friend, Roger, has been visiting him regularly and keeping his spirits high. You could ask him.
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In response to: We have a girl!

katrina [Visitor]
I understand that you just had a new baby girl. But have you checked on your dad, because you have not put anything on him... Please up date us on your dad... Thanks... Kat
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In response to: We have a girl!

Patrick [Visitor]
Wow, that's a big baby! Congratulations!!

Just took a laptop to your dad and Roger dropped off his phone. I told him I was going to bring him a cigar but that the dr's wouldn't have liked it if I did. He was sitting up in the chair when I got there and had help getting back in bed when I left. His speech is definitely proving but it's still hard to understand him. Hope he continues on the road to good health.
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In response to: Day 38 - The move postponed

forrest and the boys [Visitor]
tell Jack the OKC boys are in his corner sending our best.
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In response to: Day 35 - Evening Update

Leah [Visitor]
Praying for you and your family. Love you,
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In response to: Day 34 - Out of ICU

June Gilmer-Hayes [Visitor]
That's great news! Perhaps Roger can fill in the blanks in Jack's memory. He will be a 'Papa Jack' to another little grandaughter in only 7 more days (and I'll be a Mimi again) - I'm excited! I pray that God will grant Jack a full recovery and that he will be closer to his family than ever. My very sincere thanks to Roger for being there for Jack. He's a true friend - the kind everyone needs. Also, my prayers continue for Kathy to have a safe delivery for a healthy baby Sarah Faith.
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In response to: Day 33 - Morning Update

John [Member] ·
Thanks for the update Randal. The nurse sounded like he was getting more aggressive in his escape attempts, as I like to call them. I know he hates being in the hospital and hates all of the tubes and such. Hopefully he will relax and let his body heal some more. I am glad to hear his speech is more understandable and I suspect that situation will continue to improve.
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In response to: Day 33 - Morning Update

Randal Brooks [Visitor]
I just got back from seeing him. You can understand him a little better. Still difficult at times. He is trying to figure out how to get the mitts off.
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In response to: Day 32 - Afternoon Update

June Gilmer-Hayes [Visitor]
Appreciate the update. Thanks.
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In response to: Day 31 - Afternoon

Chris Greenwood [Visitor]
Please tell Jack that Chris Greenwood asked about him and that he was in my prayers for a full recovery.
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