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Working on photos

There were over 500 photos from the Colorado trip posted. I am working through all of my photos from the trip to pick the best and post them to make the album more concise. Some of the pictures you may have seen before will not be there and some new ones may be posted. I will be working on this for the next few days. Please forgive the changes.


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Finallyback home!

We got back home Thursday night around 9:45. The shop in Moab was able to align the front end (sort of) and check out everything else giving us the green light to drive back. We decided to go the southern route to return and went down to Monticello (with a two hour side trip to the Needles District) and then headed into Colorado and then into New Mexico finally hitting I-40. The adventure wasn't over yet though, as we crossed New Mexico, we ran into a complete stand still of traffic at about 3 AM. Apparently a pickup truck had crossed the median, flipped and rolled, and managed to run a FedEx truck off the other shoulder. All traffic east bound was stopped. While we were waiting for the road to open again, another accident happened about a 1/4 mile behind us in the line waiting to go. Apparently a truck driver didn't see the mile long line of brake lights and ran into the back of a stopped truck doing about 50 MPH. This closed down the other direction of traffic so that the air wing could land. Fortunately for us, we were ahead of this and were able to go when the first accident cleared. We were listening to the CB and it sounded like traffic behind the second wreck would be there for three more hours. We had breakfast at the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo Thursday morning and kept moving homeward. Overall, it was an excellent trip with just a few problems to keep it exciting. My wallet isn't too excited about the repairs to the Jeep that now need to be made, but in the long run, it was worth it.


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New pictures posted

I have posted over 150 new pictures posted this morning.


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Colorado and Utah - Day 10

The plan for today was to run a quick and scenic trail called Top of the World and then head to Monument Valley. Well that all changed when, at about 200 feet from the top of the trail, the passenger side upper control arm broke. This happened to be the one spare part I brought because it was the only thing I have upgraded that wasn't already messed up. We replaced the arm on the trail and finished it. What was supposed to be a 4 hour trail ride turned into an 8 hour run. We are back in Moab now and will be taking the Jeep to a shop in the morning to have everything checked out before heading home. Hopefully, it will not be very expensive. We have already determined that it needs an alignment and that the front CV shaft has pulled away from the stub shaft (axle) when the arm broke. I am hoping that it can just be put back in place and not have to be replaced. If everything goes well tomorrow, we will be heading home via I-70 through Colorado. Please pray for us and for a safe return.

P.S. We have over 400 pictures from the last few days to sort through, so I may get some posted, but I don't know when.

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