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Sunday evening update

They are still having trouble getting his blood pressure under control without the IV drip. He is on 150mg of something I cannot pronounce through the IV for blood pressure. The nurse said that it was a very high dosage. He seemed a bit more aware of us. He opened his eyes slightly a couple of times while we were talking to him. The nurse said that they have not ordered a CT scan tomorrow. She said is was because the last scan was basically the same. He was still running some fever, but his breathing sounded better and less congested.

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Sunday early afternoon update

Dad is a bit more responsive. The sedative is wearing off. When we were talking to him he turned his head a little and looked like he was trying to open his eyes (some movement under the eyelids). The nurse said that he did open his eyes when she was cleaning out his mouth earlier today. Maybe by this evening we will know more. The neurosurgeon came by while we were there and had the same outlook of wait and see. He is not a very optimistic individual.

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Sunday morning update on Dad

They have taken him off of the sedation medicine. The time it takes patients to become alert after they stop it varies. It could be today or tomorrow. Kathy and I have decided to stay one additional day to see what happens as I fell we will know a lot more once he is awake and alert. He has a sinus or upper respiratory infection that they are still trying to treat with antibiotics. His blood pressure went up again last night, so they had to put the IV medicine back into play. The CT scan this morning indicated that the mid-line shift had decreased meaning that the swelling in the brain has gone down some. We will probably know more as the day progresses. I have been trying to get a software VOIP phone working, but we cannot hear the other party. I think the router in the hotel is preventing it from working properly. It would have made contacting people a lot easier since we would have no long distance or roaming and could call anyone.


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Late evening update

There hasn't been any real change since earlier. His blood pressure went up a little and so they had to increase the IV BP medicine. That is a small step backwards. The nurse said that they are still trying to ween him off of the sedative to make him more alert and responsive. He looks very different with his beard shaved off. I didn't even recognize him at first. The hospital seems to do the CT scans about 5:30 in the morning. So, we should know if his condition has changed by the time we get in for the morning visiting session.

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Early evening update on Dad

Just got back to the hotel after the evening visit. The neurosurgeon came in while we were there visiting and filled us in a bit more on his condition. He was not as optomistic as some of the others we have spoken with. He seems to think there is some paralysis on the right side. He also said that the hemorrhage was on the left side of the brain which controls speech and the understanding of speech. They have started weening him off the sedative and so he is a bit more responsive to stimuli, but still not awake. They will be taking him for another CT scan tomorrow morning. If it is the same or shows signs of the swelling decreasing they will continue to bring him out of it more. The nurse said that the neurosurgeon tends to try to prepare families for the worst. She said that if we get to speak with the neurologist, he is almost the opposite and gives the most hope. They did some basic muscle response tests and he responds more to stimulation on the left side than the right. Once they bring him out more they will be able to do more tests and determine the amount of damage. They are getting him off of the IV hypertension medicine and trying to get his blood pressure under control with oral medication. He still has some fever and they think he may have a sinus infection so they are starting him on antibiotics. The neurosurgeon said that he is not out of the woods yet for surviving this. He could change for the worse over the next day or so. If nothing changes or things get better, then the survivability outlook is much better.

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Status update on Dad

My father had a basal ganglia hemorrhage most likely Tuesday night. We got the call on Thursday afternoon. We are now in Nashville staying very close to the hospital he is in (Summit Medical Center). His condition has not really changed since we arrived late Friday night. He is sedated (induced coma) and on a ventilator to help him breathe. The ventilator was more of a precaution than a requirement. The hemorrhage was caused by high blood pressure. The doctors have done 3 CT scans that have all pretty much stayed the same. He has some mid-line shift indicating pressure on one side of the brain. The good news is that he was responsive when they found him and was able to move both arms and seemed to recognize people. They did shave his beard and I hardly recognized him. I will post here with regular updates.

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