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Just a brief update

It has been a while since I posted anything about Dad. There just aren't many changes in his condition on a regular basis. It is slow going now. He is still in The Palace nursing home in Red Boiling Springs, TN. He continues to improve. He is getting his strength back and able to get around on his own now. I am encouraging him to walk as much as he can to build of his strength. He is still having trouble swallowing and therefore is still using a feeding tube. He has a swallow study this week with ultrasound to see if there is something mechanical causing him to have issues. I hope that they can get that resolved soon. He is wanting to move to another facility named Golden Living to be closer to friends and get visitors more often. He is feeling down as he doesn't get many visitors and really is bored in the home. He is also worried about the horse show business. If you can visit him, please drop by and say "Hi". He would love to see people. His speech is much better and he is generally easy to understand. Sometimes he mumbles and you have to tell him to speak louder. Thanks for checking in.

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