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Still coughing!

I would like to ask everyone to pray I get over this bronchitis soon! I have been coughing for the past 3 wks and it is wearing me out (I am a little better)! I am on my 2nd antibiotic and only have 3 days left. My voice is giving out today so I am having to whisper at the girls- Hannah keeps whispering back at me...too funny!


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Hannah's B-day Party!

We had Hannah's "Girl's Only" party at the church building today! Cake, ice cream, presents and sprinkler/ slip-n-slide action! Lots of fun with silly girls! She loved the new Kick- n-Go Scooter she got from Mom and Dad too! What a blessing this sweet girl is! I survived being in the heat and a busy day, despite chemo! Thank you, Lord! I was ready to collapse afterward, though! Whew!


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1st day of summer break!

Of course the first day of summer break and my 8 yr old was up at 6:45! Usually I have to drag her out of bed for school! Silly kids! At least the baby slept til 9!


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4th chemo!

Had my 4th chemo treatment today, so I am officially half way!! Feeling pretty good, so far- please pray for things to stay that way! My chemo nurse was glad to hear I hadn't had trouble with nausea- she said the strong doses I am on usually cause that. I think it is all my prayer warriors holding them off! Thank you so much for lifting me up everyone! :)


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I have an 8 yr old!

I can't believe my big girl turned 8 today! Happy Birthday, my sweet Hannah! What a blessing! :)


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Hat Party!

I was so blessed to receive lots of cute hats and scarves today from many precious sisters! They are gonna keep me stylin- hair or not! :)


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13 yr Anniversary!

Enjoyed a 13 yr anniversary date with my hubby! Macaroni Grill and the King's Speech at the $2.50 theater (Great movie!)! Fun night!


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Thanks for the encouragement and PRAYERS!

Thanks 4 watching my debut TV interview! A couple facts got mixed up, like where we go to church & that our good friend, Lonnie Epperson Jr., actually signed me up for the pager. I do think the most important message got across, though about me being lifted up in prayer through this tough journey! Thanks 4 all the support & encouragement u give me daily- whether you page or not, I feel the peace! Go, God!


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I made the news!

I'm going to be on the WMC TV 5 News tonight @ 10 pm (but no mohawk)! Our good friend, Lonnie Epperson Jr., signed me up for a prayer pager (folks can page me to let me know they are praying: 800-526-0745 and ch 5 is including me in a story about prayer! Might be short, but I hope it will be a witness about God's power & the blessing of you all- my amazing prayer warriors!! Thank you! :)
Here's the link:


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3rd chemo today!

Got my 3rd chemo treatment today! 3 down, 5 to go!!! And the Dr loved hearing about the head shaving party! I'll have to take him a pic of the mohawk!

Having trouble with a sinus inf and just finished an antibiotic. Dr said this chemo kinda opens up the sinuses so this was normal (YAY!...NOT!) He gave me a script for some codeine cough med.


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Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day! I am so thankful for my Mom and Mom-n-law, especially right now. Don't know what I'd do without them while going through chemo! They are my right hand ladies! :)

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