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Girl's Trip to Arkansas!

We had a good time at the wedding, but my fatigue was pretty bad (they said I'm anemic @ last Dr visit too) and I about over did it going into a cave! Wanted to do something fun for Hannah. The trek was a mile and took about an hour. Was ok in the 58 degree cave but the steep hike back up to the gift shop in the heat about did me in! Had to nap in the back seat of the minivan after that! Trying to take it easy and recover from the trip! Mom has the girls right now and I just took a nap (til I started coughing my head off!)!


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Allergy Asthma Dr appt!

Well, the DR said no asthma, CXR was ok. He did give me another breathing treatment and a steroid inhaler to see if that would knock out this cough. Also starting to have leg aches from this chemo. It's all good, though! We're still taking this girls trip to a family wedding in Arkansas! I think we all need the break!:)


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Cough is back!

Well, that was short is back! They want me to see Hannah's allergy/asthma Dr and I was able to move my appt up to tomorrow AM since we leave town Friday for a wedding in Arkansas!


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Cough is better!

Thank you, Lord! My cough is SO much better- almost gone! I may need to get my own nebulizer!


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1st Taxol chemo (# 5)!

All went well with 1st Taxol chemo today (#5 of 8). Was there from 9AM - 3:30PM- they gave a breathing treatment that seems to have helped my cough quite a bit. YAY!! Also want me to see Hannah's Allergy/ Asthma Dr. (was about to do that myself!). They premedicate this chemo with Benadryl to prevent reactions, so I had NO CHOICE but nap- Benadryl knocked me out cold for a good hour or so! Whew! :)

Also, they gave me a breathing treatment for my cough that seemed to help quite a bit!


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Still coughing!

Having a hard time correcting a mischievous baby (almost 15 mos) when I have laryngitis! Thankfully she looks and stops when I snap my fingers, then shake my head "no"! Calling the Dr back today since I am still coughing and can't talk!

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